Tire Blow Out

Actually, we did have an eventful week. We met this really cool guy names Kain! It’s actually a really funny story! I was on exchanges with another sister missionary and we went to an appointment which ended up cancelling on us. So we decided to knock the house across the street and on the way back to the car we saw the mailman so we gave him a restoration pamphlet then we got in the car and went to the next street where we though our next apt. Was and it ended up being the next street over and the mailman was on this street and about to go to the next street over as well. So Sister Laker (my new companion for the day) she said “I am not going to drive his car over there, we are not going to stalk the mailman, we are getting out here and knocking a couple of house before we go over there!” So we got out and their was this kid who is 23 playing basketball and we started to talk to him and share a message about the restoration with him! Now because of pure awkwardness with the mailman we are teaching Kain! The Lord truly works in mysterious ways!

Wednesday we blew a tire. Well…. It didn’t really blow. We got a notification on our car, our car is very smart, that told us that the tire pressure was low and we ignored it and drove to a technical college to get on the Internet. When we came out our front tire was flat and we had to get to the hospital to see a member. Well, long story short we called the elders to come fix our tire and sat in our car for thirty minutes waiting for them. We are both capable of changing a tire, but we are in skirts, our jack was rusty and we thought it was broken, and neither of us wanted to get dirty. So the elders came and they changed the tire for us. But, one of the elders, Elder Gerardo cut his hand while changing our tire, we felt horrible!!!!! Since we are sister missionaries we thought, we can help the Elders by taking this tire out of their way. Elder Gerardo, the one that cut his hand said, “Don’t let that sister take that tire.” to Elder Guzman. So I turned to Elder Guzman and said, “I can take the tire.” Elder Guzman shook his head, and looked down, “no, I’ve got it.” Elder Guzman and I went to put the tire in the back of our car and when we shoved it in, we rolled the car off the jack. Luckily no Elders or cars were hurt in the incident. The Elders looked at me and told me to back away from the car. Luckily the spare was already on, just not screwed on tightly. We called our vehicle coordinator and
>> told him that we had to put a spare on our car and we had an appointment for Friday to get our oil changed. He told us that was fine and that we shouldn’t drive over twenty miles before we got the tire changed. We looked at how far away the Firestone was from our apartment, 39 miles… Nothing we could really do about it though.

Friday we went to Firestone and had to get three new tires since the tread was bad on two others and the one that went flat had a nail in it. It was a long week….. Other than that, we had such a wonderful week and sister Hibbs is going to be my companion for another six weeks! If any of you are wondering about serving a mission, it’s the coolest thing! Not only do you get to experience amazing things, but you get cool stories but you also get to help people change their lives for the better and find God!! I love you all! And people need to stop getting married while I’m out here!

Love Always,
Sister Malo

P.S. The lights are still burnt out in the apartment!

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