Service is the key to a happy life in mortality!

This week we have done so much service! I love doing service!
We have done so much gardening this week! We went over to Sister Taylors house and we ripped up everything out of one of her gardens! Then we got to plant what ever we wanted in it. She had about 15 different plants we could plant! It was a lot of hard work but it was so much fun! I loved doing gardening! I don’t know if I have a green thumb but I can put a plant in the ground!

Wednesday we went out with the Young Women and we saw some less actives! It was really neat to go out with the youth and hear their testimonies! We went to this one girls house and her dog got out so we had to go chase it around the neighborhood till it finally went home.

Thursday we took out Candance with us and we had a lot of fun! She has such an amazing testimony. We went and saw Nancy who is just amazing! We talked with her about the temple and baptism! She told us her heart is half mormon and lutheran. It was an amazing lesson. After that we took Candace out with us and we all went and had pizza! The best food ever!

Friday we had a lesson with Hamane one of our investigators. We taught him about the importance of faith, repentance, and the Atonement. We were originally planning on teaching him the restoration but the Spirit had another plan. It’s so amazing when you are teaching what they need to hear vs. what you planned. It just shows that Heavenly Father knows us all and what we need to hear. Being a missionary is just so awesome!

Saturday was an amazing day!!!!!! Down here in the south they have these festivals called Pork in the Park! It is the best festival ever! So what it is, is you pay $5 and you get a card were you can try pulled pork from all the different venders there. Their was 14 different Venders and we tried them all in less the an hour! When you try them you get a 2oz serving of pork. By the end of our lunch hour we had 28oz of pork….. It was so much! But it was so good! After our amazing lunch we had 2 amazing lessons! We saw Eddie and Cindy! Later that night at the church they were doing their annual Fish Fry. So we had even more food! Then to top it all off my amazing companion taught me how to cross stich! Now I can role with all the grandmas! I’ve started this really cool cross stiching project! Its going to take for ever but that’s ok!

Sunday we had an amazing Ward Conference! It was on how we can strengthen our self in day to day. They talked about how the world has changed and how we can’t be fence sitters we have to be actively trying to follow God. At the end of every talk this little girl would stand up and yell AMEN at the top of her voice. It made everyone laugh. We also had a Stake fire side later that night and they talked about finding Joy in our lives and gave six steps to help us.

Find Joy in our family, by knowing Jesus Christ. John 17:3

-If everything your children know of Christ came from you how much would they know?

Find Joy in Sabbath day worship. Isaiah 58:13-14

Find Joy in our home, through study, Learning, and prayer. D&C 68:25, 28

Find Joy in family work at the Temple. Hymn 274 “We Love the House, O Lord”

-If we become involved in temple work we will be protected from the wickedness of this world.

Find Joy in sharing the Gospel D&C 18:15-16

-There is joy in sharing the gospel

Find Joy in serving others. Mosiah 2:17

-we love those whom we serve, and we serve those whom we love!

Just amazing!

I love you all and I am so grateful for all of you!

Love Always,

Sister Malo

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