Newberry…such a cute little town!

Well I can happily report that no one has thrown up in our apartment this whole week!
Wednesday we went over to an older couples house and they showed us their 3 week old puppies. They were so cute! I even let it slide that one of them peed on me! We met a woman named Nancy who is so southern! She has such a thick southern accent and it was to die for! (not literally just an expression) She told me she is half Mormon and half Lutheran and she’s going to die a Lutheran. I’ve actually meet 3 people this week who have told us the same thing! Then later that night we went to go see another family and first let me just ask why do people always get terrible news when the missionaries come over? (but don’t stop having the missionaries come over it’s not all the time just some times) Their son called and said to him and his family were in a hotel with police protection for 2 days. (don’t worry everything is fine now.) anyways they were in the hotel because her son is a professor at some law school and he had a student come in and went crazy. So him and the dean to the school were under police protection. Just crazy the things you hear on a mission. But they are safe now.
Saturday – I love watching general conference! you receive so much insight and answers to your questions! I learned so much and I am so grateful for the General Authorities of the Church! Between the sessions we went and met Joy who has lived here for 50 years! She is so cute and She also told us she was going to die a Lutheran! But loves our church! Then I got to meet Eddie! He is in his 60’s and he doesn’t do hand shakes he only does hugs. I didn’t know this and he almost broke my hand off when he went to give me a hug when I had my hand out stretched expecting a hand shake! but he’s a nice guy! When we went back for the Afternoon session there was a kid who was 3 years old and I gave him a pass along card because he was very wiggly……. bad idea…. he ended up almost choking on it. I learned my lesson there!
Sunday we played musical chairs with the Elders! So we can’t be anywhere with out at least 3 of one sex there, so at the afternoon session of conference no one came for the first 5 min so the Elders sat outside the Chapel outside with the door open so they could watch conference! Then one of our investigators came and they came back in. but he had to leave soon after so my companion and I sat outside for about 30 min but it was nice weather so it was ok. Finally our investigator came back in and we were all in the chapel again! But I love conference it is so spiritually uplifting!
Spiritual Thought:
“As we contemplate the decisions we make in our lives each day—whether to make this choice or that—if we choose Christ, we will have made the correct choice.”
Love Always,
Sister Malo