I’m not dead… But thanks for asking!

Before anyone gets worried about me emailing on a Tuesday let me first tell you why! Starting with Wednesday!
Well I got transferred as some of us know and I am in Newberry SC! The Cutest oldest town out there! It’s a mix of old mansions and brick homes everywhere! It’s so cool! I’m in a car and Biking area. We are going to be using our bikes a lot more though! I’m excited to get that Sister Missionary tan… (if I even tanned) My companion is Sister Hibbs! She is just so adorable and my first companion which is my height! She is from Riverton Utah! Also my first Utah companion out in the Field! ( Which is white and ready to harvest!) My new ward is an older ward and we have a lot of widows. But they are super awesome! On to Thursday the true starting point of my Tuesday letter…
We went to go see Candace who is so smart and full of sarcasm! She awesome well she was sick with food poisoning and just getting over it. We had a very spiritual lesson with her on trials, it went really well! Then we went and did service for Sister Taylor! She is in her 90’s but so Funny. So we went over and pulled up a bunch of weeds out of her yard and then her grandson came over about an 1 1/2 hours later. He is full of energy and we played football with him and he was just a lot of fun! Story time….
The boy his name is Brayden and he’s about 10. Well Behind sister Taylors house is a forest. So Brayden got mad at his grandma and stopped off in to the forest with an air soft gun and a 6 inch blade. (Don’t freak out it’s the south the baby’s practically play with guns and knifes here) A few minutes later my companion gets a little worried and turns to me and say we should go find him. I then looked at her and said “He has a gun and a knife i’m not going after him.” Well needless to say we walked up to the edge of the forest and their was this small tree that had fallen down. I put my foot on it and shook it and then I did it again a second time. A second later Brayden comes running out of the forest with his knife out and a look of panic on his face. We ducked down and when he came up to us he started yelling “don’t go back there.. Don’t go back there..” We asked him why. Then he told us he heard some leafs moving and then they stopped and he yelled “Who’s There?” Then right after that the leafs started to move again. He told us it was a bear or a coyote. Sister Hibbs and I were trying not to laugh. He ran up to his grandma and started to tell her the same thing. We went inside to his grandma Sister Taylor and told her what had happened and how we were the ones who moved the leafs. (not with the intention of scaring him) She laughed so hard. So have you figured out why I’m emailing on a Tuesday yet.. no ok well then maybe Friday will help.
We went back and helped out Sister Taylor with more yard work. We took pine needles and laid them on the ground here. On purpose people use them to make their yards look better. I couldn’t believe it! In Washington we just rake them up and throw them away but out here they buy them. And it’s called pine straw. It just blew my mind! Ok now to the Juicy day if thats what you want to call it!
Saturday…………. Well Friday night I woke up about 3 times and threw up all over the bathroom! and the door because I couldn’t get it open in time. My amazing companion Sister Hibbs woke up and cleaned it up for me! Like what we have only known each other for 3 days and she’s helping my clean it up. Shes the true MVP I love her so much! She gets the companion of the year Award! So we stayed in most of Saturday and on top of me throwing up I had diarrhea. It was a long day. But I went to Women’s General Conference and we taught a lesson after dinner. I probably should not have but we did! And my new Bishop was there and he gave me a blessing! So are you starting to see why I’m emailing today?
Sunday was a good day I was still not back to normal working condition but I wasn’t going to miss church! So we went to church and after church later on that night my companion threw up….. and so it carried on into Monday.
So if you didn’t catch that Monday my companion was sick and couldn’t even get out of bed she had it worse than me. So we stayed in all day…. all day… in our little apartment. But we survived and now I’m emailing you all today!

I love you all and remember how wonderful you are! You are all Children of a most high God who loves you more than you will ever know!

Spiritual Thought:
“Looking for the path to safety in the counsel of prophets makes sense to those with strong faith. When a prophet speaks, those with little faith may think that they hear only a wise man giving good advice. Then if his counsel seems comfortable and reasonable, squaring with what they want to do, they take it. If it does not, they consider it either faulty advice or they see their circumstances as justifying their being an exception to the counsel.”
– President Henry B. Eyring
Follow the council of the prophets they are more than just wise men!

Love Always,
Sister Malo

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