Transfer Calls

This has been an exciting week!
First off my companion got peed on by a dog when we were teaching the family a lesson….. Afterwards the car smelt horrible from it so we had to go home so she could change.

Monday we went over to this members house for Family Home Evening (a night families spend together learning about the gospel and strengthening family bonds) Well we taught them the Restoration with Jenga Blocks. Afterwards we played the most intense game of Jenga I have ever played it took us 15 min to play with 6 people playing and It got super high! Corey is a 16-year-old boy and he was stressing so much about it coming back to him. But at last I was the one who knocked it over! I have to say it is one of my favorite games now!

Tuesday we had a meeting with some missionaries and the president’s wife came Sister Turner! She is so cute! We talked about Patience and how we can obtain it. We then had a lesson with Gordon! Oh my Oh my…. he is fantastic! So Gordon is someone who we found my first month out on the mission and when we met him he was drunk, but very nice. Then we went back a second time and he was also drunk. So we didn’t go back until 2 weeks ago. And he wasn’t drunk. He told us about how when we came by it made him look at his life and he realized what problems he actually has and what problems he doesn’t have. He told us he had a hard life and made a whole bunch of decisions he’s not proud of. He then told us that the day we came by he hasn’t touched any alcohol He said he wants what we have and asked us if we could meet with him 2 times a week. Oh my I could not believe what I heard I had literally witnessed a mighty change of heart because of the spirit. And it was amazing to see how much happier he was and the light in his eye! This is why I’m here so others can learn about the gospel.

Wednesday we went to see Sister Rankin in the nursing home. She is so funny! We took her outside to the court-yard and I kid you not there were about 15 huge bees fighting with each other and they would dive bomb each other right in front of my face if I didn’t move my face they would have hit me. But then this amazing crazy woman came out with a tennis racket and was hitting the bees with it. I was so shocked and terrified that the bees were going to retaliate and chase me. It was terrifying to watch. She finally hit one to the ground and killed it. I later found out why the bees were so adamant about coming close to us. It’s because they are carpenter bees and the benches we were sitting on were made out of wood. they literally eat the wood and make bees nest in wood. But I survived to live another day! We then told Sister Rankin that transfers were coming up and that one of us was probably going to leave. She scrunched her face up and told us to tell our mission president to keep his Cotton picking hands off her sisters. I will say that was the first time I have ever heard that. Then we met Sister Sweeny!!! She is so fun! We knocked on her door to ask her if she knew her neighbors who are members. She told us she didn’t and then asked us to tell her about our church………. Like who does that….. no one I’ve met till now! When we told her about our church she then asked us if we could come and teach a group of kids she works with after school to help them. She does an after school program for kids to hear about different churches so they can be educated on them and if they want to join them. It was pretty cool! Well we have not done it yet. But were working that out with her now. Only in the South!

Thursday We went and saw Judy and we had an amazing lesson about D&C and the Pearl of Great Price. Then we told her we would always be here for her but that she needed to decide if this was something she wanted. So we are going to give her a little time to figure things out. I love her and she told us she is going to be baptized one day but she’s not ready right now and needs to work some things out! We went to IHOP and had $1 pancakes! So Good! After dinner we went to go teach Sandra and Ashley they are recent converts from the Spanish Elders! I love them they are so awesome! Every time we come over there she makes us food from Colombia! Colombian food is so good!

Friday we went and taught Gordon again! He is so awesome!

Saturday was a day were no one answered their door. oh and my companion got peed on!

Sunday we had Church! It was really nice like always!

Spiritual Thought: President Kimball :

“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were and ask, Why not?

“We do not worry about HOW AND WHEN AND WHY. We say WHY NOT.

“I repeat my witness that He will unlock doors and His promises may be relied upon. I know He will stay the opposition. He will mellow hearts and He will pave the way if we have faith to pursue.”

I love and miss you all!

Love Always,

Sister Malo

P.S. Just in case you’re wondering I’m getting transferred! I find out where on Wednesday!

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