I’m pretty sure there’s a rule about dressing old people.

Wow where to begin….
Well last Monday I went to Casers Head State park With Brother Corona!!!! Oh my goodness it is the prettiest place ever! I am defiantly going back to it after my mission! We did a 4.4 mile hike up to a water fall! But it has nothing on Multnomah falls! Then we went to this big rock that’s about half a mile wide and half a mile long! it was so cool it has a bunch of chalk drawing all over it!
Then we had Pizza…. not a normal pizza like a 26″ pizza! It was amazing!

Tuesday we celebrated with thousands of Americans across the US at IHOP for National Pancake day! Free Pancakes taste even better when your on a poor mans diet! We also met this Awesome woman who has been hunting down the Missionaries for the past year! She is so sweet and so prepared! We also taught the lady who had poison Ivy and we are still in the clear!

Wednesday……… Why do older people think they have their own rules…. We went to go see Sister Rankin like we do every week but this time it was a little different…. She has Parkinson so she is bed bound and can’t walk. well she told us to get her pants from the closet and bring them to her. when we did she pulled the blankets off and told us to put them on her…. I didn’t know what to do I just told her we couldn’t…. they don’t prepare us for this…. we kept telling her we couldn’t and she kept telling us we could. then we told her we didn’t want to hurt her she told us she was tough enough. So we told her we didn’t want to get in trouble. So she told us she would yell at anyone who was mad at us. So we put the pants on her ankles and she kept raising her Eyebrows telling us to pull them up more we told her that was the most we could do… I know Heavenly Father heard our silent prayers because a second later the nurse came in!!! We went back in after the nurse left and she told us to put her shoes on so we did, then she tried to get out of bed. We asked her what she was doing and she told us she was escaping with us. We told her she had to stay in bed and she said “Rats”. I tell ya Sister Rankin is one of the most feistiest old women I know! But I love her so much! OH and we went to an apt. and the cops showed up. this is only my 4th time dealing with the cops on my mission!

Thursday we taught Judy she is so close but she doesn’t want it right now. It was hard to realize this but I know one day she will be ready and she will want it! She is so incredible and one of a kind!

Friday we did some yard work for Toni! And I got chased by Bees! I miss the winter there is nothing trying to kill you! OH and an update on the cat guy…. well it turns out it’s actually over 50 cats living in his house. FIFTY…. way to many.

Saturday we had a lesson with two boys 12 and 15 it went well!

Sunday we didn’t realize it was day light savings time and we accidentally woke up at 7:30. But the Atonement is real! We had an awesome Church Service!
Spiritual thought:
Reverence is the atmosphere of Heaven
I love you All
Love Always,
Sister Malo