So this week has been good! I am now learning Spanish so I will know how to teach half of our investigators because they primarily speak Spanish.
So some highlights from my week is –

  1. A member made us a deep fried burger out of deer meat and it was amazing!
  2. I got to be a DJ for 2 min and learned a little bit about what DJ’s do!
  3. Our car got grounded because we didn’t get it cleaned on the outside! First car in the whole mission to get grounded!
  4. We have 6 new investigators 4 of which speak Spanish!
  5. I now have a legitimate reason to learn Spanish!

This week we started teaching Ruby who is a 9 year old of a recent convert! She is so cute and we went over the 13 articles of faith with her! We also started teaching this Hispanic family the Santiagos! They are so cute and I’m so excited to teach them more, we also started teaching Rose who is fantastic and has had a hard life but she loves serving people! We taught Judy about the priesthood and proper authority! She is so awesome! She has started writing her book and I am so excited to read it when she’s finished! But she know so much and last time we were there she told us she knew the Book of Mormon to be true! I love seeing how people change and I love hearing people’s testimonies!

This week we helped Jennifer pack up her house. She’s awesome she taught me and sister Bissell how to make prison food. It’s quite interesting and I don’t think i would ever make it on purpose. But I wouldn’t starve in prison! I am so grateful for this time that I have to serve the Lord it is once in a life time! And oh my I have learned so much in such short of a time frame! I love you all and grateful for all of you in my life!

Love Always,
Sister Malo

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