The Snow Storm!

Hello from the deep south!
This week has been crazy so crazy. The Weather is still Bi-polar and wont make up it mind whether its supposed to be summer or winter. We got half an inch of snow and the streets were a solid block of ice. So we were on lock down for 2 days. But we survived!

I finally cooked the Deer neck that was in our freezer and it turned out pretty good. We made a pulled pork sandwich but with the deer type of dish. I have had deer about 10+ times on my mission now and i kind of like it!

Some Fantastic news!!! We have been working with this woman named Judy for about 3 months and she’s only come to church 2 times before…… Well she came to church on Sunday totally unexpected! we were so excited and happy to see her. We had a slow week because of the Weather but this week is going to be awesome! My mission got extended out a week because of some changes at the Missionary Training Center! and I find out on Saturday if I will be staying in Simpsonville or getting transferred to a new place!

I know this is a super short email but I have to go grocery shopping so I love you all BYE!
Love Always,
Sister Malo

asian face deer neck snow sticky notes