It’s BO time!

Hi everyone,
Well we are still having Bi-polar weather! When we have a snow storm or even a snow warning everything shuts down and everyone runs to the store and buys all the egg, milk, and bread. It’s crazy. Oh and the state goes on a state of emergency with only one inch of snow on the ground. So this is supposed to happen next week so we will see if South Carolina is still here after their one inch snow storm!

We met some awesome people this week! And the people we are working with are understanding so much more it’s amazing! One thing I am really learning is patience……….. I feel like I am being tested every day on patience… Let’s just say when I come home in over a year I will be super patient with every thing because I don’t think Heavenly Father thinks I’ve learned enough about it!

Tuesday we spent in the Ghetto and we met Miss Gretta! She was super tall and we are going to go see her later this week! We went on exchanges and I finally got to drive!!!!! Only 4 months not driving and it finally happened I got behind the wheel! And no one died!! Great lesson for this week is don’t pre-judge people……… Someone requested a Bible and we drove up to their home and we questioned whether or not we were going up to this trailer. We took our iPads and wallets and put them under the car seat because we questioned whether or not we would get mugged. Well they turned out to be awesome and they came to church on Sunday!!!

We had a south-eastern conference and it was awesome! I love you all and I am slowly writing people back I promise, Monday is crazy!

Love Always,
Sister Malo

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