Don’t run out of miles..

Well this week my companion and I learned a big lesson on properly planning when it comes to driving…. We are given a certain number of miles we can use each month with our car and this past week we had 50 miles left for 6 days……… That’s less than 10 miles a day……. Well we did what you see all the missionaries in pictures doing we walked….. I was so pumped to walk for about the first five min then I realized it was almost all the way up hill and our area doesn’t start till 2 miles from our apartment. It took us 40 min to get to are area. Then we spent about 2 1/2 hours walking around and meeting people. We did met this one women named Jan who made it all worth it! We went and helped her pick up sticks in her yard and she is such a cute elderly women she kept telling us to come back when ever we saw her in the yard. She was wearing these basketball shorts and a cute sweater. She is not the typical grandma. On the way back to are apartments there was buzzards (vulture like birds) circling above us in the air……. They could smell we were about to die from all the walking…. The creepy part was there was probably about 70+ of them in the air and they kept making a tornado formation above us. We did survive and were not bird food!
Wednesday was a day of flooding it was crazy! We went to a member in the wards house and helped her organize her pantry and she gave us a lot of random food from around the world. We got pocky sticks, Turkish delights, Lingdon berry juice, and some other cool stuff! We also went with sister Barnes and met a family whose house burnt down. They are so humble and awesome! We went and taught them the restoration and they were so excited to read the Book of Mormon. They kept asking us if the Book of Mormon that we handed them was theirs. We are going to go see them next Wednesday! The trailer they moved into is so sad. We had to be careful because e wall behind the couch you could literally push it out and see the ground outside. And the roof had a hole in it that was poring in water because it was raining. I feel so bad for these people and I am touched by how humble they are.
Thursday we went and saw Pat Rankin and we read her a story by Max Lucado. He is an awesome author and I love his books! Pat Rankin was talking so well it was the clearest we have ever heard her. We asked her what she wanted in the new year and she said she wanted to be able to talk clear all the time. She is a sweet woman. We finished our Ward mission plan and we are really going to work with family’s towards getting them to the temple. We are working with 4 families right now. I am so excited for them! Since it was. New Years Eve we were on lock down at 6 pm. We played games and watched a Christmas video. It was good!
Saturday this little boy we have been teaching got baptized! Peyton his parents wanted him to have all of the lessons before he got baptized even though he’s been raised in the church. I think it is such a cool idea and I’m defiantly going to do it. It was amazing to see him get baptized and how happy he was. I love how the gospel brings joy into people’s life.

Love Always,
Sister Malo



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