Merry belated Christmas

This week was good!
We went caroling 3 times. 3 TIMES!!!! That’s more singing then I’ve ever done in my whole life. This going to be a short email sorry.
It was 75 degrees on Christmas the sun was in the sky and it was humid to. It didn’t feel like Christmas. We went to a party on Tuesday at a preachers house. It was memorable. I love it out here and the people are awesome! Thank you all for the packages it was so sweet of all of you!

Oh when we went caroling on Wednesday we went to downtown Greenville and it was pouring down rain and we were completely drenched. So on the way back to the car Sister Bissell and I went puddle jumping! Our whole zone was behind us they probably thought we were a bunch of crazy sisters but it was worth it!

On Friday we went to the Maurers and we had a silly string fight with the and The kids in the street it was awesome!

Love Always,
Sister Malo

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