unnamedWhat happened this week! It went by so fast!
Well amazing news Katelyn got baptized! This is the strongest little girl you will ever meet! she has been wanting to be baptized for 5 years and she’s been so close 4 times! But this Saturday I am proud to announce she finally was able to have her dreams come true and was baptized! I am so excited to see what her life will bring her! AHHHH I am just so happy for her!
We’ve taught Judy 3 times this week! She is so amazing I love her she is always making us laugh! We taught her the Word of Wisdom and Chastity. She asked if she could have coffee because she wasn’t addicted to it but liked the taste. We explained to her why we don’t drink coffee and she said. ” Oh I see you don’t want any of that bad stuff in you incase Christ comes, I don’t want him to smell my breath and have coffee on it.” She is a hoot! She loves learning about Christ and his Gospel.
We went and saw Pat Rankin! She is my favorite Elderly woman ever!! It was her birthday last week so we brought cupcakes and sang happy birthday to her twice! She was so cute with her facial expressions! she kept raising her eyebrows! We also found out that woman loves sugar her face was so cute when we pulled them out her eyes got so wide and she got a big grin on her face! I love her!
We went and talked with the Gentry’s this week. they are such a funny couple! We are going to work with them and get them to the temple to be sealed! We are actually working with 3 families right now, and helping them prepare for the temple! I love the temple it is a place of peace and I miss it! I know how important it is for families to be sealed together for all time and eternity and that brings me great joy!
We met this woman named Jessica who another set of Elders are teaching. She is a recent convert and is awesome! we had a testimony with her at her house and it was amazing to hear her story of how she came to know about Christ Gospel and how much it has already blessed her! We are going to be teaching her with the Elders for a few months before she gets transitioned into our ward. Oh and she is an Occupational Therapist so we will be doing a lot of talking!
Friday we went back to the Senior center and served their Christmas lunch. We got to talk with some wonderful women who were telling us about all the Temples they have seen and were asking a lot of questions. We gave them a card and told them to call us. Their was this man who had Cancer there and the Elders gave him a blessing and his wife a blessing of comfort to. It was so amazing to see her after the blessing she came up and hugged us and said those boys knew exactly what I need to hear. It was an amazing moment to see the priesthood bless another families life who are not members of the church. It just shows me how much our Heavenly father loves us that anyone can receive a blessing. I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful for it! Later that night we had a miracle! We went to go see Katelyn and her dad and step mom were there and sat in on the lesson! ( they are never home and we have never seen them together) They asked us so many good questions and asked us what we believed and what set us apart from other churches!!! We were able to share the restoration with them and Katelyn’s stepmom agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! The spirit was in complete control of that lesson it was such an amazing experience! I know Heavenly Father still talks to his children and I know he guides us today through a prophet Thomas S. Monson.
on Saturday it was Katelyn’s baptism day!!!!!! We went over that morning and helped her get to the church building. It was such a spiritual day! I Love how taking Christ name upon us when we are baptized can bring us such peace and joy!
Sunday! Katelyn got confirmed! ( Which means she received the Holy Ghost through a blessing a laying on of hands on top of her head) It was amazing in her blessing it talked about her being the glue for her family and she would have the opportunity to share the Gospel with her family!!!! Katelyn’s next dream is to have her dad baptized! Later that day we had a lesson with Stephen and his friend Danny. We had a good lesson at the church we are trying to figure him out more but one day he will get the answers he is looking for!
Spiritual thought,
This week don’t think about what gifts you will be getting instead think of what gift you would give Christ! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Love Always,
Sister Malo

P.S. Sister Bissell says I’m a weirdo and she loves me anyways, and a merry Christmas to everyone!

This is my companion Sister Bissell under all of this stuff. Lets just say don’t fall asleep before planning! She’s a really heavy sleeper!