I can still walk but stairs are hard!

Hello family and friends!!!!!
This week has been awesome!!!
We are teaching this man named Herb! Oh my he is the cutes old man you will ever meet! He is exactly like the Pixar short film of the old man playing chess by himself. Oh Herb, he moves a 100 miles a min. and talks even faster! He is just adorable! He has the best stories ever and has an unlimited amount of them!

The Elders gave us a referral for this guy who lives out in Piedmont. Well we went out there and luckily we had Sister Barnes with us. Anyways the place this man lived was super sketchy and we are pretty sure it was a half way house….. When we pulled up 4 men came out of the house and stared at us and we asked if the guy was there and one of them said “No he’s not here and neither should you be.”…….So he is going to be taught by the Elders!

On Thursday night we went and had dinner with Sister Willis! She got these two puppies! They are pit-bull and lab mix and they are only 2 months old! We got to play with them and one of them bit my name tag and dented it! Oh and apparently they had explosive diarrhea and worms from the shelter! But humans cant get it so we’re all good!
We went to a RS activity later that night and decided to be nice to the Elders so we brought them a plate of cookies home for them. Elder Browne……. We give them the cookies and Elder Browne decides to take a piece of bread off of it and throw it right at Sister Bissell and then books it across the apartment complex. Then his companion Elder Hatch looks at Sister Bissell and says “I am so sorry, sometimes he just gets these ideas and does them.” It was so funny Sister Bissell was a little ticked off and red in the face!

Friday. So I’m a pansy…. Before ZTM (zone training meeting) I went over to give someone a hug and I popped my knee out of place and back in again. It was so painful. I hopped into the other room and Sister Bissell came in and asked what had happened. I then had to hobbil back into ZTM. After ZTM we were sent to go and get pizza for the sister lunch. So much walking……… but I survived. After ZTM we went to a members house to help them tear down some things in the back yard. I wasn’t much help because my knee was swollen and I couldn’t really bend it. But I made it through! Later that night we got to teach the Bishop and his family the restoration! Afterwards he brought down his snake and Sister Bissell and I got to hold him! Sister Bissell doesn’t like snakes and was freaking out a little bit.

Later that night my knee was getting worse and I couldn’t go up stairs or down so I got a blessing from the Elders. I love the Priesthood so much it is amazing what it can do for us. After the blessing the pain in my knee was substantially less and I could bend it and walk straighter. Heavenly Father Loves us and wants to bless us. The Priesthood has been restored!
After the blessing we went home and Steven called!!!!!!! Ahhhhh Steven has been investigating the church for over 2 years and has never come to church! He called and asked us what time church started and if he could come!!! The Lord does hear our prayers and answers them!

Sunday was Stake Conference and Steven, Judy, and Katelyn all came! It was so amazing we had 3 investigators come when we only have had one at most come in the past! After Stake Conference we went to Stevens and the Maurers came and we had a wonderful conversation! Steven’s friend Danny was there too! We invited him and his wife to read the Book of Mormon together and pray about it!

The Maurers invited us over for dinner at there home. I have finally had spaghetti on my mission! Which in this part of the country no one makes. While we were there we got to hold their snake to! When we had left the Bishop’s home Sister Bissell had sworn she would never hold a snake again!!

I love you all and I am so blessed to have you all in my life!
Love Always,
Sister Malo

Sister Natalie Malo
110 oak park dr. ste B.
Irmo, SC 29063

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