The best week of food!!!!

This week has been full of so much food! I finally learned how to cook a little southern and we had some fun days!
Mon. we went to Sister Barnes house and made cookies! They were so good! We made eggnog cookie’s and butterscotch oatmeal cookies! They were amazing! We also made sugar cookie’s……. I accidentally read the recipe wrong and added 6X the amount of salt I was supposed to add. So they ended up tasting like pretzels!!! But they looked super cute!
Tue. We went on exchanges which is were you switch companions for 24 hours. I went up to Seneca which is By Clemson University! I was able to meet some awesome people and this one kid has been meeting with the missionaries every single day and he is so prepared! He is just awesome he’s read over half the Book of Mormon in one week! I just love seeing peoples dedication and willingness to follow the lord! We had dinner with this family and they automatically assumed I was from Utah……. Why does everyone do this? But they were a fun family of 4 boys!
Wed. We switched back and We met Sister Barnes son from BYU he’s a nice kid. we had lunch with him and her at Firehouse Subs. Then we went and saw some people and had dinner with them later that night! We taught them the restoration and It was the most awkward restoration we have ever taught but it went well!
Thursday!!!!!!!! So much food it was awesome!!!! Sister Bissell and me went to three dinner appointments! we only ate at 2 thou! We had lunch with this awesome family the Maurers! They feed us dinner every Tuesday! We had all the fixings for thanksgiving and then we played a game like charades called heads up. I apparently forgot what English was and how to read so I was acting out completely different words. One example, the word was bad reception and I thought it said bad reputation. It was funny and memorable! After lunch with them we went to the Willis family and hung out and talked with them about Christmas! And we practiced Shooting bow and arrows and I hit my companion in the arm! Don’t worry they were the kind that stick to windows not real ones! Then we went to the Barnes house and had dinner with them they made Salmon and beef brisket!! We played a couple games and made beaded snow flakes! Food is amazing!
Fri. We saw a less active we’ve been trying to see for the past 2 months! She is super sweet and her 3 little girls are adorable! That night we had dinner with the Thomas family. They were investigating the church but now we have agreed to disagree but we still stay in contact with them. They are all amazing all 8 of them! After dinner with them we went to go see Toni and wrap Christmas presents for her! She’s so cute!
Sat. Southern Food lesson!!!!! We went to Jennifer’s house (she’s a less active and awesome) she reminds me a lot of Mckenzie! She taught us how to cook the most southern meal next to fried  chicken! We made Cube Stake, Mash potatoes, green beans, fried Apples, and pan gravy!!!! oh my goodness it was so good! I was the first real southern meal I have ever had and it was so easy! After our cuisine lesson we went and Sister Christy in the hospital. She is such a trooper! She always has something happen to her. But she has an awesome husband who wont let her anything bad happen! When we were their she was telling us how much she hates needles and how in the middle of the night she was going to go hide them all! Her husband turned to her and said not if I have anything to do with it! I’m not letting my wife get worse or go to jail! They are the cutest couple ever!
Sun. Church is awesome! we were able to go and see Steven after wards and we brought Bro. Corona! Steven I so ready he just needs to seek out his questions more. But I know one day his questions will be answered and he will get baptized! That night we went to the Mortons for dinner. It was ham and scalloped potatoes! So good! when we went to teach them a lesson we sat on the couch and their puppy came running across the floor and head butted me in the tummy. He was cute!
I love you all and I hope that you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! Don’t forget what the real meaning of Christmas is!
Love Always,
Sister Malo
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