Ant’s in my PANTS!

People is the south are very superstitious. Apparently almost every house someone has been killed in from what we’ve been told, and they are also haunted. Their is this family that we are teaching and they told us about a family that lived there before who were all murdered by the dad who was a cop and the house is haunted and you can still hear people screaming at night. So the Elders our coming on Tuesday to bless the house and we will see if that helps.
This week was awesome! We’ve been finding people to teach! We met this one man named Gordon who Loves the Idea of modern day prophets and loves the Idea of more scripture! He’s a very humble man and is excited to learn more. My favorite part of missionary work is hearing people pray for the first time in a long time or the first time ever. They have the most sincere prayers and the spirit it brings is undeniable! I love the people here in Simpsonville and I love meeting new people every day. We also met this woman who used to be a preacher! She is awesome! we talked with her for an hour and she loves talking about God and how much he loves us. We offered her a Book of Mormon but she apparently already has one and reads it everyday! We cant wait to go see her later this week!
Sister Barnes took us out on Wednesday! We went and Saw Pat Rankin! When we came in the room she started making fun of me and made buzzing noises at me like a bee! Then she scolded me and told me to not be afraid of bees. She’s such a funny Lady!
We had a Ward Mission Leader Meeting and we came up with a better food calendar (which is awesome and I will provide a picture of it next week!) and we our setting up a calendar for people to sign up to have us come teach family home evening lessons at there home every Monday! And once a week we will be having FHE at our Ward Mission leaders house and we can invite investigators to come to it! This new ward is awesome and I’m so excited to be apart of it! everyone is so excited about missionary work!!!!!
Oh and we found out yesterday that our car is infested with ants and that their is a colony of them in our engine! On Thursday we killed about 60+ ants that crawled out of our A/C vent. The scary part is when its dark and you cant see them. But a really awesome member sprayed our engine and killed them! So we will survive!
Saturday we went to a baptism for Sandra and Ashley! they have been taught by the Spanish Elders for about 8 months and we were so excited to see them get baptized! One of our investigators came to the baptism and he’s been investigating the church for 2 years! He was very Impressed and has more questions for us for the next time we come to see him!
Transfer Calls! Sister Bissell and I survived transfer calls! We our staying in Simpsonville! For at least 6 more weeks! I cant believe I’ve been on my mission for 6 weeks already! And I entered the MTC 2 months ago! CRAZY!!!!!!! Time flies by so fast! But its so rewarding!
I love you all so much and I’m so excited to hear from you all!
Oh and if anyone wishes to send me a card or package for Christmas in order for me to be able to get it 100% by Christmas then you have to send it by Dec. 1st!

Love Always,
Sister Malo

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