Paris Mt.

This week has been one of a kind!
Last Monday we went with the sweetest Woman Sister Garrett and her daughter Sophia to Paris Mt. It was so beautiful their I loved it! we hiked for 2 hours and the trees were red, yellow, and orange! I loved it! Then we went to downtown Greenville and went to some really cute shops and we went to this hotel called The Westin! It was so cool it was built in the 20’s I think and the inside was amazing! Tuesday we went on exchanges and I stayed in Simpsonville with Sister Ashton. We went tracking and we met to really awesome people I’m so pumped to get to know more! Later that night we went to go see Brother Bailey who is such a nice man and knows a lot about the scriptures! Anyways Sister Ashton and I come up to Brother Bailey and we sit down in his garage and he pulls out the Gospel of Thomas…… (we were playing a trick on Sister Ashton) and I said oh are we going to start back up where we stopped last? and he said yes ma’am! and Sister Ashton is a little freaked out but is like ok. Then Brother Bailey tells her its a joke and she started to laugh and breathed a sigh of relief! Wednesday we finished exchanges and Sister Bissell came back!

Every Wednesday we go out with Sister Barnes and see Pat and Brother Reynolds. they are both awesome! Brother Reynolds collects rocks and gems and he gave me a sapphire he had found in NC. It is supper cool and pretty! He apparently gives a stone to every Sister missionary that teaches him! Friday we had Lunch with Sister Fielosh!!!!!!! She is the boldest person I have ever met! She is also very kind and loves to serve people. So we showed up at her house and it is the most girly house I have ever been in! She has lace curtains and a tea cup tree! but it was so cute I loved it! she made us BLT’s on warm home made bread! the best ever! We had the Halloween Ward party that night and we decorated our trunk and passed out candy! Saturday we were on lock down at 6 pm and I Cornrowed sister Bissell’s hair! She had Soul in her hair! Sunday we went to Simpsonville 3rd ward for the first time it was so nice I love out new Ward Mission Leader!

Spiritual Thought – Watch because of him and post it on facebook with your testimony of Christ.

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