This is the story of a Missionary!

Hello Family and Friends in other parts of America! Life in the big SC is pretty good! Last P-day we were trying to find a cool shop and we decided to go to Carolina Classics, thinking it was a southern bell dress shop. Well it was the complete opposite. It was a Halloween shop! they had over 400 different costumes and an aisle full of wigs and masks!!! And I will say we did not get lice! But we did get pictures!!!!!!
Every week we go to a nursing home and see Sister Rankin. She is so CUTE! We were able to take her out into the courtyard and talk with her out side. But some very rude bees decided to attack me. So I had to run for my life around the courtyard, and might I just add the bees in SC are as big as a grown mans thumb, with a lot of fuzz! Sister Bissell and Sister Rankin just sat their and laughed at me but luckily we had brought a compassionate person with us. Sister Barnes she got up and stomped on the bee and killed it. So I finally came back and I went and looked at the dead bee and a 2nd bee ran practically right into my face and tried to kill me. I felt like Neo in the matrix when he was dodging the bullets. After my encounter with the revenge filled bee I ran to the door and told everyone it was time to go in. Later that night Sister Barnes took us out to FIVE GUYS!!!! So good! After we had dinner she went to look in the trunk of the car which happened to be her mother in-laws car because hers was on the frits. Anywho there were 3 cases of toilet paper so we got this bright idea to go to Bi-Low (like Albertsons or Fred Myers) and she bought 4 more cases of TP to put in the trunk. Sister Bissell was a Boss and carried them all out to the car in heels! So sister Barnes went home and asked her mother in-law why she had so much TP in her trunk and her mother in-law still hasn’t figured out she put it in there!
The Elders we think came and sticky noted are car and started a stick note war with us!
I got a flu shot and had to awkwardly pull my arm out of the collar of my shirt because the sleeve would not role up.
We had a Relief Society activity on Thursday and we played min to win it games. My companion played this one were you have to jump up and down and get all the balls out of the box attached to you. She fell and I caught it on camera!!! (It wont let me attach the video 🙁 but its super funny!3)
We went tracking on a street last Saturday and every house opened their door and it was so weird they all were nice but not. The last house we knocked at an older man opened the door and was so angry but was trying to hide it he wouldn’t talk to us all he did was go mumhm and his face was so red and his eyes were scary. So we left pretty fast after that.
And then their is William he is such a cool older man! we met him last night when we went tracking. he lives right next door to a house with 3 pit bulls and 2 tiny dogs and they all tried to run at us but they had chains which held them back. We started to talk to William about Christ and God and their love for all of us. and then we gave him a Book of Mormon! His eyes got wide and he said ” Oh I don’t have one of these yet! How Much?” we told him it was free but he was insisting to buy it from us so I told him he could have if he would let us come back and teach him about it! He agreed and we are going back next week!!!!! He was so excited and told us we could come everyday we wanted!
I know that Heavenly father answers our prayers. But he does it when he sees fit, and in his own way. My companion and I have been trying to be more specific when we pray because you get more specific answers. Prayer is one of the things people take for granted, but its one of the most powerful tools we have. When you pray your literally telling God exactly what you are feeling. And he is always easier to talk to then most people. Don’t forget to pray because its the only way we can truly build that relationship we all want with our father in heaven. And don’t get discouraged when you feel like he isn’t listening because he always is and he knows what we are going through and what we will. He knows when we truly need the answer and he will always give it to us.

I love you all and I’m grateful for everyone of you.
Love Always,
Sister Malo