Kill the spider……..

This week was eventful to say the least. We didn’t get to teach many investigators but we met with some members! So I will just tell you what happened every day!!!!!

Tuesday…… Their is this sweet adorable family in our ward that always feeds us on Tuesday! They are awesome. So we went over for dinner and they had a giant tarantula on the dinning room table in a cage…… Ewwwwwwwwwwwww……… They put the spider in the other room (silent prayer of thanks) dinner was yummy but I felt like I had spiders crawling all over me. I had my first discussion with a man who went to Bob Jones University. It was interesting and you can guess what it was like if you know what that school is known for. But he was nice he said a prayer with us and said something to the effects of curse their hearts. I guess that was him supporting us in his own way.

Wednesday….. We went to a nursing home and saw Pat she has Parkinson’s. She is such a sweet woman! We went through her pants and every pair she didn’t like she would scrunch up her face and say hate pile! She is so adorable, and when we told her their were no more hangers she yelled RATS!!! After we finished her clothes we sat down and told her a story. I told her the story of the 3 trees ( it’s about these trees that want to be something glorious and they are made into simple things and they all helped Christ out is some way. And we’re made glorious through him) she cried and said it was beautiful. We see her every Wednesday. Then we went to go see Brother Reynolds! He s a funny man and reminds me of a southern version of my Uncle Dan! He knows more then he leads on about the gospel. We talked about what are purpose really is as missionaries.
Thursday…. We met Toni she’s a really nice woman who feed us Pizza!!!!
Friday…. During weekly planing we were talking about salvation and what that really meant. Sister Bissell brought up a situation with a man from earlier in her mission. Basically the sisters were telling the ward council they were helping a family get ready to go to the temple. And this man stood up and said they can’t go to the temple they don’t deserve to go I’ve tried helping them in the past and they didn’t want it. When she told me this the first thing that popped in to my head was who do you think you are saying wether a family can go to the temple or not. I got really upset over this situation and the idea of someone judging a family based on heir past transgressions even though they has repented for them. I told my companion what I was thinking. All she said was what would that accomplish. I though about it. Then I said no I would say who are you to judge. Because that of course is what I thought Jesus Christ would say. She said that was better. She went to lay down because she had a headache so I decided to study humility. Their is a book were given called how to adjust to missionary life so I opened it up and started to read the part about anger. One of the points was to try seeing them in a different light or as God sees them. So I did I thought about why someone would try to deny a family the blessings of going to the temple. Then it hit me he was so upset because the Temple meant a lot to him and he didn’t think it would mean that much to them. I then realized I still had contentious feelings in my heart over the situation. So I decided I was going to pray. It was one of the sincerest prayers I have ever done. And at the end I asked Heavenly Father to take these feeling away from me. After I said Amen a question popped into my head “will you let me in?” It fazed me for a second but I said yes and the second I said yes I felt as if a wave was going through me and taking away all of that contention I was feeling. And all I was left was peace and happiness. I realized I had used the Atonement with out even realizing it. I also realized the Atonement is their for you, but you have to truly try and then have the Lord do the rest you can’t expect him to go 100% all the time for you. You have to be willing to put your self out their and do as much as you can so the Lord can help you with the rest.
Saturday…. We went to contact a Former and we showed up and it’s raining super hard. We go in and find out it’s a home for adults with special needs. It was not what I was expecting at all. But we met a woman managed Ruby May she is 77 years old and loves to talk she told us her life story then said we had pretty eyes and to look at hers because they were prettier then outs. She made me laugh so hard! Later that day we called a referral we had received…….. Lets just say we won’t be calling him back EVER! (Getting hit on by a creepy guy on the phone #sistermissionaryproblems) then we went to an apparat net complex to see a member. This apartment complex was very secured and had a tall gate and the only way in was to have a gate opener. So we parked outside and waited for someone to open the gate. We ran through after they left. Little did we know their was a cop watching us…. We went to the door and the cop was following us. He was trying to be stealthy but accidentally turned his flashing lights on and then off. We left and he went up to read are note we left. My companion and I walked very fast to the gate and got in our car and left before the cop could get back in to his car. Plus it didn’t help that we were dressed in all black. (You either get considered a nun or a thief wearing all black #sistermissionaryproblems) We will be batter at looking out for cops next time. 😉
Sunday…. So many people go to our ward we have 398 members that attended and 989 counting active and inactive. It was so over welding trying to remember everyone’s name. But they are all so nice!!!
I love you all have an awesome day!
Love Always,
Sister Malo