State of Emergency!!!!

I’m alive!!!!!! I’ve been on lock down since Friday night! What that means is I cant leave my apartment without a member driving us some where. I’m in Simpsonville SC which is the Northwest part!!!!

The MTC was awesome I loved it there! My flight left at 7AM in the MORNING! Which meant I had to be at the MTC Traveling office at 3:30 in the AM!!! I flew to Georgia for 3.3 hours and I met the lady and we talked about the church the whole time she is super cute she told me what Jews believe about the atonement and some of their traditions. She was very open and we talked the whole time to Atlanta Georgia! After we landed in Georgia We took an hour flight to Columbia SC. Funny story I bought a burrito in Georgia and I was going to eat it on the plane and I fell asleep and sat on the burrito! luckily it was in a bag! When we landed President Turner was waiting for us and he made fun of my big purple bags! As he said they would be hard to miss! Hes a really nice guy and his wife is adorable!

When we got to the mission home we had dinner and interviews and pictures! Then it was bed time……. So I’m sharing a room with Sister Shaw and Sister Fox, also sharing a room with us we found out after we where in or pajamas was a COCKROACH!!!!!! On the Ceiling so Sister Shaw went downstairs got a cup and gave it to Sister Fox since it was right above her bed. Sister Fox got up on the bed and put the cup over the ROACH and trapped it, but the ROACH wouldn’t fall into the cup so she started walking across the bed with the cup on the ceiling and the Roach as calm as can be starts walking with the cup on the ceiling. Finally it feel into the cup and she was at the end of her bed. (My bed starts at the end of hers) She was on the end of the bed and started to shake and said she couldn’t move oh and she had a toothbrush in her mouth so I did what any sane person would do I went over and took the tooth brush out of her mouth! She then started to scream that she was about to drool toothpaste on my bed. So i stuck the tooth brush in her mouth and told her if she dropped that COCKROACH on my bed her mission would be short! ( I was just joking) She then dropped down off the bed next to me which made me scream then she screamed and ran out of the the bedroom and half way down the stairs she then stopped and said “I can’t go down their I’m wearing yoga pants and their are missionary’s down there. So I told her I would take the roach and discard of it. She just gave me a dirty look (she knew I would never come close to that thing) so I shielded her from the presidents office and she ran into the kitchen where Sister Turner (president’s Wife) was and she said ” I just kill them with Windex and flush them down the toilet!” so she sprayed and we flushed! And the night was saved!!!!

My companion is Sister Bissell and she is super cute we get along great! These past few days have been hard because we’ve been stuck inside except for conference due to us being on lock down because of the weather. We went through the closet and for a game a missionary had made called The Missionary Game of Life! It was really cheesy but it passed the time! Before the lock down we were contacting old referrals and we met this man who ordered a Bible he is super amazing and humble we talked about Prophets and why we have them and that we have a living Prophet today Thomas S. Monson! We invited him to watch conference this weekend and we would come by and visit him later! I love it here In SC It actually gets cold! Surprise all my sweaters will come in handy!

Love Always,
Sister Malo.

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