I’m still alive!

I have learned two main things here at the MTC.
First if you’ve been to the MTC you will understand this one, I WOULDN’T MAKE IT IN PRISON!
Second The lord is always stretching out his hand you just have to take it, and some times you have to take it with your eyes closed.

The MTC is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for a second! I love it here! I have grown so much I can’t believe how much I’ve changed! I feel stronger then ever in the gospel and I now have a better understanding on the Atonement and why its so important. The Lord has tested me a lot being here and I’m grateful for that because I’m starting to become the person the Lord wants me to be. I actually haven’t gained any weight the food is gross which has in fact made me loose some. I taught two different people this week one was a woman named Brynne who is a teacher and has two little boys! she was awesome the first time my companion and I taught her it sucked, but we eventually got better and last Saturday she committed to be Baptized! The Second Lady we taught was Lisa she was so sweet and I absolutely adored her. I can tell she has the desire to follow Christ but shes scared because two of her sons are at way different places in their lives. One of them just got baptized two months ago and is in the military across the sea. and the other doesn’t like Mormons and he sends his mom a lot of Anti-Mormon stuff. Its really sad but hopefully one day she will be able to follow Christ.

So I almost broke my arm but I’m good now! I was playing volleyball and I went for the ball and smashed my arm against the door. It swelled up and hurt really bad. But a few days later I had the bright idea to play volleyball again because their wasn’t anymore pain in my arm. Well I hurt it again by serving the ball and my arm swelled up again and I couldn’t write so my dear companion Sister Vorkink had to write in my journal for me. But its all good now and I’m totally fine!

I finally got to see two people I knew from home! kaitlyn McGuire and Kobe Bower!!!! I have friends!!!!! Oh I got to go to the Provo temple twice once last Monday and once this Monday it is so beautiful in side the outside does it no justice! my whole district got to go last Monday and it was nice to talk about things in side the temple with them!

I’m heading out for South Carolina tomorrow at 3:30 A.M. ahhhhhhh no sleep Tuesday!

So this morning Elder Mangus (the silent cowboy) and Elder Catmull (the one who has the answers to all) left for Scottsdale AZ! It was really sad to see part of our district leave and its starting to hit me that I’m leaving tomorrow morning!

My district is cool we have 4 Elders who are going to the Salem OR mission ( which has Bend in it where I was born), we had 2 Elders going to Scottsdale AZ (which is where I got my first driving ticket :(….), and finally we have 4 Sisters going to South Carolina Columbia mission (my self included).

I love you all and I’m so grateful for my letters I love hearing about everything that’s going on in the world!

Love always,
Sister Malo