MTC is da-bomb!!!!!! (magic shoes)

I’m ALIVE!!!!!!
What to write well life has been good I have learned so much and I cant believe my district! Our Zone 1st counselor was like District 24-B was high five-in in heaven and were called the celestial Branch!!!!! I love it here all of the people are going through the same exact thing I’m going through and its awesome! So down to business My companion is……. Sister Vorkink (good guess Aunt Karen(Utah)) she is amazing we both LOVE our pepperoni pizza, we are avid NETFLIX lovers (I miss you!) we hate BEE’s we both run away (together of course)! and a lot of other things too! So let me just say the lord knows me well my room is right as you come in to the building turn left and my little home is right there! NO STAIRS needed!!!!!! In my room their is two other sisters that live their with us the first is Sister Housari shes this white girl with a black girl soul shes amazing she sang in the black choir at BYU! She talks like shes from the classy hood she says things like home skilet and fo-sho, and other words of that sort. Last but not least is Sister Cranney shes from Idaho and shes worked on a farm her whole life but shes amazing and really reserved! but shes supper funny and she brought more clothes then me can you believe that, I can’t! If anyone is wondering those shoes found a home! Story time! Sister Housari left her really good pair of shoes at home and I was like “I have an extra pair of shoes I don’t need do you want them?” she looked at me and in a serious voice said “you don’t understand my feet are freakin big!” I said “don’t worry I wear size 11 I’m sure you can fit in them!” all she said was “try size 13!!!!” What how is this possible someone with bigger feet then me! Its a blessing!!!! JK! so anyways I said very seriously “These are magic shoes and I bet they will fit you” and lo and behold the shoe fit!!!!!! Faith is powerful!!!!!!

Now to our lovely elders Their all fresh out of high school except for one who is 20. Their is Elder Nelsen who is from AZ he’s out district leader he’s super tall and has the best laugh ever he awesome! His companion is Elder Jones who’s from Utah hes really funny! Elder Alger who is 20 hes nice and he kind of looks like Ben afflac! His companion is Elder Rose who is from Utah but was born in New Zealand! Elder Mangus who is from Billings Montana he’s the quiet cowboy! And finally his companion is Elder Catmull He’s a nice guy who knows everything! He reminds me of Sammy because he knows every fact their is to know! So more story time me and my companion on Saturday had to read the missionary handbook together as a companionship before Sunday. Well needless to say is was boring so I got the great idea to read it back in forth in different accents! Then everyone joined in and we were all butchering these accents but it was a great stress release we all needed! (and a little fun) Sister Vorkink does this amazing Marry Poppins accent and I did a pretty killer Asian accent, and some of the Elders did some really good valley girl and Indian accents!!! Oh and you guys will never guess what but I sang in the MTC Choir it was so powerful and amazing I loved It! For devotional on Sunday Lloyed Newell (he works with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The other MTC) came and we did an episode of music the spoken word! (My face was on the big screen like 3 times…… Sister Famous!) It was an amazing devotional and singing in the MTC Choir for it was awesome and once in a life opportunity. Plus side is their were so many missionary’s there they all drowned out my terrible voice!

On Sunday night I got to go to a movie the Character of Christ a talk by David A. Bednar it was life changing. This talk you can only see at the MTC because it was an MTC devotional. The jist of the talk was be converted through serving others you will ultimately find yourself but you wont be looking for it. Its amazing to think how through acts of service you can become closer to god and come unto Christ. He also said don’t focus on yourself the mission in not about you or what you want its about serving him. When you turn out in stead of in your testimony will become a conversion. The true Character of Christ is that even when he had cause to self pitty he didn’t and instead he went and served others. When Christ fasted for 40 days and 40 nights he was tempted by Satan to use his powers if he was the true son of God to turn rocks into bread but Christ refused to. You would automatically think the main temptation would be to turn the stones into bread but really the main temptaion was for Christ to use his powers on him self and turn in ward in stead of helping others and that is why he is perfect because he isn’t the natural man who wants to be selfish and only think of them self, but instead after her refused Satan he sent angels to minister unto John when he was in prison. that right their is the Character of Christ doing for others even when others would only do for themselves.

I love you all and I’m so excited to here about all of the wonderful things happening in your life!

Sister Malo

p.s. I cant send pics this week but I will when I get out into the mission field!

p.p.s. please send food like popcorn and things you can put into a microwave that wont spoil or just yummy cookies! Everyone here has popcorn and it smells so good!